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ASUTOSH derives its name from Advanced SUrat Traumatology & Orthopedic Surgery Hospital. This is dream accomplishment for Dr. Rajiv Raj Choudhry after completion of 25 years of Orthopedic Surgery practice. Dr. Suhas Shah, Pediatric surgeon & Dr. Jitendra Dumaswala, Physician have joined him in this new venture.

World class Tertiary care (Level – III) Trauma center with Medical ICU & critical care unit with all branches of a Multi specialty hospital.
NABH Certified Hospital.
Golden hour principle – 24 x 7 Round the clock availability of M.S. Orthopedic Surgeon, M.D. Physician & M.D. Anesthetist at hospital.
Quality care (Attempt to achieve Negligible infection rate) at reasonable charges (No Surcharge)
Cashless facility available. On panel of majority insurance company & corporates.

Health Check up Packages & Operation Package charges available.

Surgical Facilities
German technology prefabricated joint less operation theatre having 0.3 micron Laminar Air flow. Walls painted by British antibacterial & antifungal paint.
6 operation theatres. 5 major O.T. & 1 minor O.T.,All 5 O.T. class 100 (Highest level) with 0.3 micron HEPA filters & Laminar air flow.
3 joint less modular O.T. class 10000 having 5 micron bacteria free air supply.
Most advanced sterilization department equipped with ETO, Washer with Lubricant, Ultrasonic cleaner, Flash sterilizer & 2 high pressure horizontal steam sterilizers.
Special room to store sterilized instruments with 5 micron air supply.

First time in Western India Bone Bank in collaboration with Tata memorial hospital Mumbai.

Scopy theatre has Harmonic Scalpel, 3-chip camera, xenon light source, medical grade monitor mounted on extra rotating arm of O.T. light. Karl Storz set for Pediatric & Adult laparoscopic surgery, Arthroscopy, Cystoscopy & resectoscopy. Operating microscope for Neurosurgery.
Imported remote control operation tables, 130000 lux imported O.T. lights minimum 2 domes. 3 C-arm machines, 7 Anesthesia trolley including 2 imported Dragger trolley with gas analyzer. 7 cautery machines, 9 two arm rotating pendants.
Central O2, No2, Co2, Suction & Medical grade compressed air, outlets on pendants.
Central monitoring by 8 parameter Phillips interactive monitors.
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