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Pain Management

Pain specialists are doctors who treat chronic pain, i.e. a pain which is not manageable for more than 3 months or longer than the natural course of healing process. Chronic pain is multifactoral and usually treated. At ASUTOSH we perform precise, i,age guided, evidence-based, diagnostic therapeutic interventions, along with rehabilitation and follow up. In all our protocols, appropriate psychological screening, counselling, patient education and lifestyle modifications play an integral role in the overall recovery of the patient.

Identify and treat the source of pain To avoid spine surgery and subsequent consequences Coordinate a multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of pain syndromes Achieve maximum pain relief for the greatest length of time possible Facilitate the return to a normal productive lifestyle

Advantages over open Surgical Procedure:-
  • Day care surgery and patient mobile after few hours
  • Done under local anesthesia so good for high risk & elderly patients
  • Minimum pain -Â no bone cutting or minimum tissue disruption
  • Chances of complication are negligible in expert hands.
  • No Stiches Required.
  • Cost Effective.
Why ASUTOSH Hospital...?
  • Most Experienced Pain Management Specialist from Ahmendabad....Dr.Shiraz Munshi.
  • Technically Advanced Endoscope gives Direct & Higher Visualization of Pain Generator.
  • Surgical O.T with HEPA Filtre & Laminar Airflow.
  • High End Medical Grade Monitor of KARL STROZ with 3 chip camera.
  • Negligible Infection Rate Post Surgery.
  • International Standards of Care, Certified By NABH.
  • 100% Quality Care With Patient's Satisfaction & Safety.
  • Patient Education About Their Illness & Treatment.
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